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At Atlantic Fine Woods we mill hardwood lumber of exceptional quality sustainably sourced from the tropical forest of the Congo Basin as well as a variety of urban harvested domestic species of woods from the Atlanta area.  Our selection of hardwood includes Gabon Ebony, African Mahogany, Sapele, Bubinga, Anigre, Limba (Korina), Walnut, Pecan, Pear, Cherry, Cypress, Cedar, Birch, Oak, Maple, and many more are ideal for use in high-end furniture, architectural millwork, musical instruments, and artistic works.


Conserving and protecting our worlds forested areas is extremely important to us. When forestry is done in a sustainable manner, it can be an important resource of regional socioeconomic development, that is why we exclusively work with loggers who use sustainable yield harvesting methods.  We hold ourselves to a very high ethical standard and work hard to ensure a clear and verifiable chain of custody of our exotic woods, we personally travel to the certified and managed forest where we hand select each log for export to our facility in the Atlanta area. It is important to us that we operate in a forest friendly manner and we also source our domestic hardwoods in an ethical manner; everything is either reclaimed or urban harvested.


We are able to offer personalized services such as custom milling and custom orders.

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We never buy logs from private homes, and only purchase full trailers of logs from a select group of certified arborists.

Atlantic Fine Woods

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