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6 Liter FlowCast Kit



FlowCast® is a two-component epoxy system developed for large casting applications. It is perfect for live edge wood projects such as river tables or ocean tables.


FlowCast® cures water clear and is compatible with many substrates. It has been formulated to have increased UV stability, a low viscosity for excellent air release, and a low exothermic heat buildup to allow for easy casting and encapsulation of items while preventing stress cracking.


The appearance of FlowCast® can be customized using EcoPoxy’s high intensity Metallic Color Pigments and liquid Color Pigments. Compatibility of the cured system with a variety of finishing methods and products ensures that desired custom finishes can be achieved.


FlowCast® can be worked using the same tools you already have for woodworking such as a lathe, table saw, or belt sander, leaving you thousands of possibilities to create beautiful projects. Be sure to check us out on social media for inspiration and see what other artists are making out of EcoPoxy.

6 Liter FlowCast Kit

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