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Custom Furniture

We love partnering with our clients in creating the table of their dreams.

Stunning, one-of-a-kind furniture made with a piece of the Atlanta soul.

‌Atlanta’s trees have many stories to tell and they will forever live on through the custom furniture created by our woodworkers. At Atlantic Fine Woods, we are committed to crafting unique works of art from nature's canvas. Our woodworkers skillfully craft these pieces from fallen Atlanta trees and transform them into spectacular, eye-catching tables and furniture for the modern home. Each item is made with the best craftsmanship and utmost care. Crafted to match your home's style, these live edge tables and furniture provide an eye-catching, yet inviting statement piece for your home. Choose from a wide range of unique shapes and wood species that suit your interior.

Discover the possibility that nature has to offer. Your furniture will be the highlight of every conversation and leave your guests speechless. Plus, knowing it was crafted from our beautiful city trees, will make it even more meaningful to you and your guests.

Make an appointment to visit our showrooms at The Met near Downtown Atlanta to see the remarkable tables & furniture we have to offer, and book a design or bespoke furniture consultation today.

ATLANTIC FINE WOODS | Your local source for rare and exotic hardwoods in Atlanta

As suppliers of the finest quality hardwoods in Atlanta, we only sell sustainably and ethically sourced woods.  Because we have a log mill and kiln in-house we can offer a huge variety of kiln dried slabs in different cuts and species.   We have whole logs, burls, live edge wood slabs, flitch sets, rounds, oyster cuts, and hardwood lumber. Atlantic Fine Woods is also able to offer a wide variety of exotic and domestic species custom milled for your green products.

​Urban harvested wood is collected in small quantities, cut to appropriate sizes, scanned for metal or other defects, and processed in small batches where the character and unique quality of the wood can be carefully brought to its full potential.  We believe the defects in the wood - dynamic live edges, knots, cracks and voids - are what brings it character and beauty, and we try to maximize the potential of each log we mill.​  So, in addition to our Furniture & tonewood quality hardwoods we also have unique cuts and figure.  

Current list of domestic species offered:

  • Poplar

  • Red aromatic cedar

  • Pecan

  • Black Walnut

  • Cherry 

  • Hickory

  • Oak 

  • Maple

  • Sweet gum 

  • Bradford pear

  • Elm

Current list of exotic species offered:

  • Gabon Ebony live edge slabs & luthier parts FAS and lower grades available

  • Bubinga live edge slabs & luthier parts

  • Korina (white limba) luthier parts

We are also the friendliest lumber yard in Atlanta!  Like our facebook page, and join us for woodworking events and social hours!

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